About Me

Hey guys! I am Cheyenne, and I am so excited to begin this journey! through this blog I hope to inspire you all, as well as myself, with my posts. I will be blogging about the topics that most affect me during this stage of my life. I cannot wait to grow with you guys and see what is in store for this page. With your encouragement and engagement I hope to receive feedback that will help me be a better blogger and provide insightful content!

To introduce myself, I am a South Carolina native with a love for nature. I embrace all lifestyles and do not limit myself to one particular mindset. I am a very open person with an intense love for my pets. I am also a huge lover of love and understanding all of the unique aspects of love. I am a literature lover with a special admiration for poetry. On a different note, I am a Mechatronics major at a local University, and a HUGE advocate for women in manufacturing (Go Girls!).

With that being said, I am so excited! I have always had a passion for expressing my thoughts, and this is a great outlet for the fulfillment of that passion. I hope to engage with you all and provide content that will enhance all of your lives.